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Frequent Asked Questions

Nationals from most countries can apply for eVisa Online. If your citizenship country is not among the form's list of issuing countries, then you are not eligible to apply for an eVisa.
If you are granted a single entry visa, you can stay up to 90 days. If you wish to stay longer, you will need to apply for a different kind of visa. For now, we only support single-entry visas.
You just need to attach your photo (passport type), a photo of your passport's main page and a vaccine certificate (yelow fever).
You can visit Uganda for holiday, tourism, business or visit a friend or relative. It does not allow you to work in Uganda.
No booking documents are required for your eVisa to be approved.
The address in Uganda is just for information purposes. You should enter the place in which you are plan to stay. If your place of accommodation is changed later, it will not affect the validity of your visa.
Yes, each applicant needs his own visa application. However, minor's eVisa will be approved only if his guardian's eVisa is also approved. Minors will always need to travel together with their guardian in order to enter to Uganda.
Each applicant needs an to apply separately. However, when you apply for many applications using the same email, our system will link them together as a group.
You eVisa should be normally approved and sent to you in less than 3 days.
If your eVisa is rejected we will do everything in our power to assist you. If we don't succeed we will refund our processing fees. Take into account that sometimes visas are rejected by the KSA government without giving any explanation. In that case we do recommend to visit your nearest Embassy or Consulate to address the situation in person.
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